Body Building

Body Building, also known as strength, resistance or weight training, is an exercise regime that specifically improves muscular fitness through some form of physical resistance from a variety of sources including weights, weight machines, or even one’s own body weight. There are two main types of body building: Isometric training, which involves resisting a stationary force, say, doing pushups against the floor; and isotonic training, which involves resisting a movable force, say, lifting weights.

When one hears the term “body building” it may be off-putting. Not everyone wants to bulk up. Contrary to popular belief body building can have widely varied results for individual needs:

  • Preventing and preserving age-related bone loss and lean muscle mass;
  • Promoting and maintaining weight loss;
  • Targeting and toning specific muscle groups for improved athletic performance and agility
  • Alleviating the pain and inflammation of chronic arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other immune system maladies.

Body Building for Strength and Tone:

Whether you are looking to be ripped and buff or long and lean, body building routines will provide a major fitness platform upon which you can “build” your body to your individual specifications, using specific, targeted equipment and routines.

Body Building for Muscle Mass and Bone Health:

Generally, after the age of 30, everyone starts losing lean muscle mass at the rate of 3-5% annually. You can fight the good fight with minimal but consistent body building training sessions that will result in improved bone structure and density as well as the preservation and even creation of increased lean muscle mass. This type of weight training is especially impactful for post-menopausal women and the elderly but should be included as a preventative measure in the exercise routine of anyone in their 30s or older.

Body Building for Wellbeing and Energy:

The benefits of body building go much deeper than the eye can see. Resistance training of all types boost endorphin levels, which are the hormones in our bodies that promote a sense of wellbeing. The physical activity and internal temperature shifts associated with body building also promotes improved sleep. A body that experiences the multiple benefits of resistance training and is well rested, is a body that supports wellness and increased energy.

Body Building for Pain Control

It sounds counterintuitive, but specific body building routines have been designed to actually decrease pain and discomfort associated with chronic illness, including arthritis, fibromyalgia and other immune system suppressing conditions. A body free from pain, is a body that can move. A body in motion is the best weapon against chronic pain and stiffness!

Body Building for Weight Loss That Stays Lost:

According to research, resistance training increases resting metabolism. This translates to the body’s ability to continue burning calories efficiently long after the body building session is over. This seemingly magic bullet is known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and works in the same way as when you bank a fire in your fireplace for the night.

Body Building: It’s not just for gym rats anymore!

Client Reviews

I am into a company that manufactures food products, and I know how important it is to match both diet practices and exercise to achieve an ideal health condition. I am happy and proud to say that the clients of Sirlinks Gym are being taught to lead a balanced life .

Robert Williams, CEO – Hershley Productions.

Along with the support and guidelines of well-trained dieticians and coaches, Sirlinks Gym offers you the best possible body-building services that you can never find elsewhere!

Jessica Revaer, Nutritionist – Henky Corp.