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Our Mission

It’s a busy, stressful world out there and health often takes a backseat when it comes to life’spriorities.  That’s why we started Sirlinks Gym. We think our formula of certified trainers and instructors who know how to motivate without bullying, fitness programs that walk the talk, but can be customized to all fitness levels, state of the art equipment that lets you get the most out of your workout without wasting precious time and a membership price point that gives value for moneyall adds up to a winning combination. Come on in to Sirlinks Gym and experience life-transforming physical fitness done your way.

Our Certified Trainers

All of our Trainers are fully certified. That’s a given. What sets them apart is their uncanny ability to listen to your health needs and wants and design a customized program that ensures you will meet your specific goals with accuracy and expediency.

World Class Gym and State of the Art Equipment

In a word, our gym is the bomb! We make it our mission to hunt down cutting-edge equipment designed to efficiently and accurately target your fitness goals. And the news keeps getting better. Our equipment and exclusive amenities aren’t directly reflected in the cost of Sirlinks Gym membership. You get world-class equipment and facilities AND value for money!

When you Choose Sirlinks Gym You Choose The Best

Why wouldn’t you make the choice to join a gym that believes working for YOU is their overriding mission? We work with you as an individual with individual health and fitness goals and we never compromise on our programs, staff equipment or facilities. We’ve chosen to be the best, so you could have the “Sirlinks” to choose us!

  • Gym 95% 95%
  • Yoga 90% 90%
  • Body Building 95% 95%
  • Swimming 80% 80%

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Honey Lisa

CEO- Graham Constructions.

“My busy work life makes it tough to find quality time for yoga and meditation, which I very much need. Sirlinks Gym lets me practice yoga on my schedule. In my line of work, I can’t afford to be stressed out so membership at Sirlinks Gym has become my go-to place to unwind and reflect, For me, it’s a clear win-win!”

David Wisker

Executive Manager- Zeete Works.

In a busy world like this, I was never able to realise my fitness requirements. That is when I came to know about Sirlinks Gym. They customised plans that would fit into my busy day. Thanks a lot to them for making me a fit person.